Pet Odor & Stain Removal

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Pet Odor Removal is a big chunk of our rug cleaning business here at Oriental Rug Cleaning Miami Beach. It isn't easy removing odors and stains out of rugs but it can be done and we do it hundreds of times, each week. Sometimes we will need to clean the rug a couple of time to remove the odor but that is our duty and we do it with pride to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. When we say we offer a guarantee odor removal process that means we will get it out, even if it mean we need to clean it again. We can not stress enough that cleaning rugs is our sole business. We do not do wall to wall carpet cleaning, upholstery or tile cleaning. We hand wash silk, wool, and other fibers in our rug cleaning operations and it is all done by hand. Please look around our website and see that you have called the source for having your rug cleaned the proper way!

Rug Customisation Miami Beach

Rug Customisation

Are you someone who just moved into a brand new home and your favorite rug is too big of your new home? Did you buy a new rug at a favorable price and the problem is that the rug is too big for the room...

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Miami Beach

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Miami Beach is the service we offer to anyone in the Miami area. We have a highly trained team of experts that make washing and repairing rugs into an art. We're a thorough company which is why we still hand wash rugs both front and back to ensure it's the cleanest it can possible be.

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Rug Repair and Restoration Miami Beach

Rug Repair & Restoration

Rug repair and restoration is what makes us the number one, rug cleaning company in all of South Florida. We employ the most skillful professionals who have and can perform a large range of restoration tasks on a rug. Our repair room that is equipped with a large variety of wool and natural wool..

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Rug Color Correction Miami Beach

Rug Color Correction

If you've ever dropped water on a rug or had a pet that has had an accident on the rug, you might have noticed that the rug colors might have bleed into another lighter color. This is not a big deal for our company. Our specialists has the skill set to fix this issue by eliminating the color..

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